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Pleasures of the Garden: visualizing the Song of Songs, an exhibition curated by Alice Dubiel

In collaboration with the Song of Songs Music Festival at St. James Cathedral, Seattle, I am curating an exhibition featuring works especially created for this event in the cathedral’s chapel. The poetic texts evoke gardens, plants and the loyalties among people, both private and civic. Several of the artists keep gardens, maintain labyrinths, work with plant imagery or abstracted natural forms. Such sources inspire art and text celebrating the lush landscape, the intimacy of an enclosed garden, and domestic employment. The exhibition will be on display April 15 through May 31, 2010. There will be a reception at the end of the Joseph Adam organ recital on May 1.

For more information regarding the exhibition, 206.782.7455 or alicedubiel@planetart.us

Artists participating: (click artist's name for image links or contact)
Barbara Bruch
Lou Cabeen
Lara Candland
Alice Dubiel
Kathryn Glowen
Moria Peters  additional images
Karin Schminke
Sarah Teofanov
Gillian Theobald

image from Barbara Bruch: Pomegranate Painting, acrylic on paper, will appear in this exhibition.

images from Kathryn Glowen: Garden of Paradise, mixed media assemblage: vintage egg box, blown eggs covered with music, ceramic found object, glass flowers, will appear in this exhibition.

image from Moria Peters: In the Garden, oil pastels, colored pen, India ink on scratchboard, 12 x 16, 2010 will appear in this exhibition

images from Karin Schminke: Columbine 2, Laser etched acrylic on aluminum, 20 x 16 in, 2009;  and Wild Tomato, pigment ink and acrylic on aluminum, 24 x 24 in, 2009  will appear in this exhibition

images from Sarah Teofanov: beaded works similar to work for exhibition.

image from Gillian Theobald: Golden Garden, acrylic on canvas, will appear in exhibition:

St James press release Song of Songs Festival
For some, the SONG OF SONGS is simply a celebration of
human love in splendid poetry.  For others, it is an allegory of
the love of God for the human soul.  For still others, it is a
cultic poem, with imagery drawn from the fertility rites of the
ancient Middle East.  The Song of Songs is a dramatic poem,
in which different voices are heard; a poem that moves from
longing, to union, to loss, to discovery, as bride and
bridegroom alternately sing of the beauty of the beloved, of
the delights of love, and of the glory of chastity.  St. James
Cathedral celebrates the Song of Songs with a festival of music
and art in May, 2010.  This collaboration between Seattle Pro
Musica, St. James Cathedral, and the Medieval Women’s Choir
will include concerts, workshops, art exhibits, and lectures. 
Saturday, May 1, 2010 | 8:00pm
Joseph Adam, Cathedral Organist
Cathedral Organist Joseph Adam begins the Song of Songs
Festival with Six Vesper Antiphons by Marcel Dupré, works
based on texts from the Song of Songs, a 10th-anniversary
performance of The Last Judgment by Naji Hakim,
commissioned by St. James Cathedral for the inauguration of
the east apse Rosales organ in 2000, and other works by
Olivier Messiaen and Louis Vierne.  For information, 206-382-
4874 or visit www.stjames-cathedral.org/music
Friday, May 7, 2010 | 8:15pm
Kathryn Weld, mezzo-soprano
Cathedral Soloist Kathryn Weld, with Cathedral Organist
Joseph Adam, piano, presents a program of Sacred Song, with
compositions by Bern H. Herbolsheimer, Samuel Barber, Paul
Hindemith, Hugo Wolf and others.  For information, 206-382-
4874 or visit www.stjames-cathedral.org/music
Friday, May 14, 2010 | 8:15pm
Saturday, May 15, 2010 | 8:00pm
Song of  Songs Festival
Seattle Pro Musica, a Cathedral Resident Ensemble, continues
the Song of Songs Festival. Seattle Pro Musica’s concerts
highlight the Festival with choral settings of texts from the
Song of Songs from all over the world, including world
premieres by Ivan Moody and Karen P. Thomas. Suggested
donation at the door is $25. For information, 206-781-2766, or
visit www.seattlepromusica.org.
Sunday, May 16, 2010 | 7:00pm
Cantileña, A Medieval Open Sing
We offer you a unique opportunity to take a peek behind the
curtain: come and sing for one evening, and experience the
sheer joy of singing with fellow music lovers. Medieval
Women’s Choir director Margriet Tindemans will direct several
settings of texts from the Song of Songs, mostly in Latin.
Scores in modern notation will be provided.  This event is
open to the public, so please make sure to bring your musically
inclined friends. Space is limited in the beautiful Chapel at St.
James Cathedral, so don’t wait too long to register. For
information, 206-264-4822, or visit
Saturday, May 22, 2010 | 8:00pm
Medieval Women’s Choir
Medieval Women’s Choir, a Cathedral Resident Ensemble,
continues the Song of Songs Festival. The biblical Song of
Songs holds a central place in both the Christian and Jewish
traditions. Its sensuous imagery has inspired poets and
composers through the ages. Boston soprano Laurie Monahan
and the choir will present both medieval settings of texts from
the Song of Songs and new settings by composers Karen P.
Thomas and Shira Kammen. Ms. Kammen will also be playing
medieval fiddle and harp. For information, 206-264-4822 or
visit www.medievalwomenschoir.org 
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