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planet stamp

News from Planet Art

Commentaries on Biocenology

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planet stamp
News from Planet Art: Commentaries on Biocenology is the title for missives from my studio (Planet Art is its name). I just had to start it on the 13th of the month and what better month than October? Coming soon is an opera review and following will be some ramblings about culture, critical theory, natural history, visual art, politics and music (more rarely). Biocenology is a word I earned by finding it in the dictionary (1980’s edition of American Heritage). It refers to the scientific study of member interactions in nature. It’s a great term because it’s not just about living things, but includes bodies of water, rock formations, climate and weather systems. I’ve been extending its use in my work to include culture as a system, too. I'll also update the url contact soon as we're organizing the comprehensive website planetart.us. It will include links to the journal here and to the varoregistry as well as other places my work appears.